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Respond to Emails With a Phone Call

Respond to emails with a phone call. Let's consider for a moment what a true conversation is like. People in a conversation bounce between topics and go off on tangents. They brainstorm. Thoughts are triggered and memories are shared. A conversation that began at Topic A finishes at Topic Z. Throughout the course of the conversation, voices have tone, faces have expressions, and bodies speak their own language. As a result of such interaction, the prospect may reveal another pain that your services may have a solution for. A world of opportunity can be revealed simply by getting the prospect on the phone. Emails do not offer such conversational opportunity. Emails are a way in which a sales person can avoid talking to a prospect. You cannot sell by email. The next time you receive an email from a prospect, hold off on hitting that reply button. Pick up your phone! … View the video

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Fun Facts

  • Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world
  • The ancient Romans invented the arch.
  • Leonardo DaVinci could write with one hand and draw with the other simultaneously
  • It is estimated that within the entire universe there are more than a trillion galaxies.

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Determine the Urgency

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Writing proposals


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