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Avoid eye contact with the prospect

An optimal salesperson does not look a prospect straight in the eye. What? Not look the prospect straight in the eye? Doesn't that send all kinds of bad signals? Of course, eye to eye contact is essential for building trust and generating sales. However, there are certain situations when eye-to-eye contact could be bad as a sales technique. It is at those moments when you should not look the prospect in the eye. For example, if you know you are going to ask a question that will be difficult for the prospect to answer, looking him or her straight in the eye can put more pressure on them and even intimidate them. By looking elsewhere when you ask the prospect a challenging question, you are basically saying - "Hey, I know this question is difficult. I'm respecting your struggle with it and I'm reducing the pressure on you." You can actually be helping your prospect feel more at ease and … View the video

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Fun Facts…

  • Sliced bread was introduced in 1930 by Wonder Bread
  • 60 cows can produce a ton of milk per day
  • A pound of houseflies contains more protein than a pound of beef
  • White wine is usually produced form red grapes
  • 93% of salespeople do not track their sales activity! Hard to believe Harry!
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How to use your value proposition

Value, much like beauty, is in the eye of the prospect. A value propositions is a valuable tool for a marketing professional. It helps define what a product or service is bringing to the market and how they plan to differentiate their product from others in the marketplace. But salespeople often … [Read More...]

Two reasons not to take technical people on sales calls

It happened twice this week. Two of my clients had nearly identical situations and both nearly made the same mistake. Let’s take Pete (not his real name) for example. He sells a consulting service to the federal government. He had met a high level official at a luncheon event and during the lunch … [Read More...]

Stay in the Moment

Did you ever debrief a sales call with your manager in which they suggest a question that you might have asked but didn’t? Did you ever wonder why it seemed so obvious after the fact to someone who wasn’t even there and it did not occur to you to ask? Part of the reason is that there is no pressure … [Read More...]

Dan Caramanico Interviewed by Core Compass

Recently Dan Caramanico was interviewed by Don Carey President of Core Compass, an online resource for Senior Executives. Dan was interviewed about the 10 biggest mistakes in hiring salespeople. The interview was aired in two parts and offers valuable information for all involved in hiring salespeople ... including those seeking to be hired. Enjoy the two videos below.

Video One

Video Two

Dan Caramanico interviewed on Financial Survival Network

Dan Caramanico was a guest on the Financial Serves Network radio program. The topics covered were how to succeed in sales, interview techniques, and areas to focus your job search on. You can listen to it by clicking on the FSN logo.