Be Consistent

Consistency in any endeavor is the basis for skill development and compound growth. Deposit money consistently in your retirement account and you will experience true exponential growth in your savings. The same is true in many things. If you are consistent in your workout routine muscles will develop and your growth as an athlete will amaze you. Unfortunately, the same salesperson who routinely saves money and works out might also be erratic in how and when they apply a sales process. Their sales call pattern may also be very uneven, 12 calls today then nothing for a week while they work on other things. In order to grow at a rapid pace, it is necessary to use your sales process on every call and in every conversation not just when the mood strikes you. That is the only way to build skill and to internalize the sales process and the sales tactics. If you do not routinely use your sales process, then it will never become internalized and your results will be uneven and unpredictable. Likewise, your calling pattern should be relatively consistent. Your monthly call volume should be spared as evenly as possible over the workdays in the month. Wildly varying call patterns will most likely lead to not being consistent in how you approach each call. So, the problem compounds itself. Consistency in your work ethic and in your approach will yield compound growth in both your sales effectiveness and in your bank account.

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