Be Pitch Perfect

People with perfect pitch in music are rare. But it is relatively easy to achieve a perfect pitch in sales if you know how to do it. The mistake most salespeople make is to make the pitch before they know what pain will compel the prospect to buy. They might have learned or deduce a need the prospect has. Or they might have uncovered a problem. But a true compelling reason to buy is much deeper than that and requires that the salesperson to understand the consequences of the problem and the prospect’s reaction to those consequences to truly know what to say to the prospect to get him or her to commit to spend some money to fix the problem. The reason traditional salespeople fail to have a perfect pitch is that they use a me-centered sales process. They are more concerned with what they can offer than they are with what the true motivation of the prospect is. In a prospect centered selling process you will first seek to understand whether the prospect has a compelling reason to buy. Once you understand what will compel the prospect to buy it is a very simple matter to make the perfect pitch.

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