Be Proud of Your Price

Are you proud that your price is high? Or, do you constantly seek to justify it to prospects. If you think your price is too high, you will be vulnerable to rice objections from the prospect. The minute the prospect even hints at putting downward pressure on the price your inner voice will say “I KNEW IT. Our price is too high just like I have been telling management!”! If you have belief in your product or service and are proud to be one of the higher priced options in the market, when the prospect mentions that your price is high, your inner voice will say “and worth every penny and then some”! Something else will come out of your mouth in response to the prospects statement. Whatever that is will be powered by the belief that your product has value worth paying for. If you are not proud of your price you need to sell yourself first that your product is worth what you are asking for it. This is a simple but very powerful concept that will pay huge dividends.

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