Be Self-Aware

Self-awareness is the first step in growth as a salesperson. If you don’t know what your weaknesses are how can you possibly attack them or compensate for them. When you are in a selling situation, you should pay close attention to what you say and, more importantly, what you avoid saying. Similarly, you should observe what you do and what you avoid doing. Listen to your self-talk. What excuses are you making for yourself about why you avoid asking certain questions or possibly challenging a prospect. Even if the reasons you say things or do things (or don’t) seems logical, question your motives. What you say or do will always seem logical to you, especially in the moment. But take the time to compare what you said to what the top people in your industry (or your sales coach) might have said. Why did you say what you said? Whatever the reason you give yourself challenge the reason. Ask yourself what else you could have said and why you didn’t say that. If possible get someone (like a coach or sales manager) to debrief you and offer suggestions. The next time you are in that situation get out of your comfort zone and take a different path in the conversation. That is the only way to control and even accelerate your growth.

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