Call Someone You Haven’t Talked To In A While

The most overlooked source of new prospects exists right in your database. Everyone has old contacts. They are people you used to work with, old clients who changed companies, old friends, former members of networking groups among many other categories of people. When you make the call you don’t have to drop into “sell mode” All you have t do is “catch up” with them. After exchanging personal information about the kids etc., the discussion will naturally flow to what you are doing now. If you describe the pains you are currently addressing for a client similar to who they now work for, they might ask you if you could help them. Don’t spend too much time prejudging who to call and who might have a problem. And, whatever else you do, don’t launch into sell mode. These are old friends and most likely they know you and what you do. An Adroit description of What problems you are solving these days and who you are solving them for is all that is needed in most cases. One last tip, Let them talk first about what they are doing. It will help you decide which current client and/or problem you choose to talk about.