Dont Be trapped By the Low Expectations of Others

People tend to live up to (or down to) the expectations of people that they respect and who they want to earn approval from. Sometimes you can get trapped in a situation where you are the best salesperson on a weak sales team. Management thinks highly of you and you win salesperson of the month awards regularly. But their expectation of you may be too low. What if you worked on another team where you consistently came in the middle of the pack, but management’s expectation of you was much higher and to you it seemed out of reach? How would you react? If you have a winner’s mentality, then you will work harder seek help, or do whatever it took to reach or achieve what is expected of you. So the lesson here is not to be trapped by the low expectation of others. Whatever you are achieving now, expect to do more. Expect to earn more. Expect to do it in less time. Expect more and you will achieve more.

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