Don’t Convince…Align

When people have their heels dug in it is very difficult to move them. Pressuring prospects and trying to overcome objections is the hard way to get your product sold. The best approach is to determine what problem or pain the prospect has and then align your product or service with that. In other words, show the prospect that your service will help them achieve their goals. This approach requires that you focus on the prospect and his or her problem for the majority of the sales call rather than spending your time explaining your product or service and what benefits it has. The only supposed “benefits” the prospect cares about are the ones that help him achieve his goal. If you have something that you think might be a benefit to the prospect, first ask some questions to determine if they have a problem or a desire that the product might address. If they do, then proceed to explain the benefit. If not, then move on to the next question. This will save you a lot of aggravation and let the prospect feel that she is in control of the process … never a bad thing.

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