Don’t forget the Fundamentals

Complacency happens when you think you have “finally gotten it”. You relax. You stop paying attention to what got you there. And that is when the fundamentals of being the Optimal Salesperson which you worked so hard on go out the window. Next thing you know you are trying to work your way out of a slump and wondering how you got there. Everyone has been there and it is so easy to avoid. Just pay constant (read that as daily) attention to the fundamentals of selling. Sure, week by week you can add a little something here and there. Work on a belief system that is getting in your way for a month. Practice a new questioning technique for a week. It never hurts to continually hone your skills. But don’t ignore the basics. Mastery of anything comes from constant repetition of the basics. It’s true that pro golfers can do things with the ball mere mortals can only dream of. But that doesn’t mean they can forget about taking the proper stance over the ball, grip firmly and follow through appropriately. Musicians make their instruments “sing” but they still need to pay attention to how to play the basic notes. To become a true master, you have to continually work on the fundamentals. And make sure that you execute them every time. the only way to do that is to critically review each sales call against your sales process and evaluate whether you could have done better on some parts of the call. It doesn’t have to take long, 5 minutes at the end of a call is all it takes.

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