Don’t short change yourself

You need to internalize your successes. If you accomplish something outside your normal comfort zone, it is important to give yourself credit for it. Unfortunately, the tendency of most salespeople is to feel that closing an extremely large deal or blowing away the quota this quarter when that is unusual for them was due to outside forces like luck or favorable market conditions or things “just falling in place”. When you think like this, you are perpetuating your comfort zone. You are finding an excuse why it wasn’t you who did it. After all, people like you just don’t accomplish those types of things. What you should do is congratulate yourself and internalize the result. Understand the value you brought to the situation and realize that you have the native talent to accomplish this every time. You have to start believing that you are a million dollar a quarter type of person. You are capable of closing big deals. Once you actually believe that, you will replicate that result continually. Eventually you will be surprised when you don’t have those accomplishments. But it all starts with giving yourself credit for the successes you do have. To discount them will stunt your growth as a salesperson.

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