Get Unstuck

The first rule of holes is that if you are in one stop digging. Similarly, the first rule of ruts is if you are in one do something different. Do anything different. Not just a little different … a lot different. Double the amount of calls you try to make in a day. Radically change your schedule for a week. Wake up earlier … work later … skip lunch …change how you describe your product …change the order in which you ask the questions … review your notes from your last sales training class (you may have to dust them off first) … ask some of the questions you were taught to ask but have stopped asking for some reason …ask a question you have never asked before … change the level at which you call in a company …change the way you start a prospecting call …ask someone you have never asked for a referral.
What you will find is that different stuff starts to happen. You have to react differently. You find yourself in a different place. You will find that your energy level changes and your results will change. You won’t be beating your head against the same walls and in most cases you will have better results, be earning more money and the rut will become a distant memory.

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