Loosen Up

Baseball players can’t hit the ball if they hold the bat too tightly, Golfers can’t putt if they squeeze the club too tightly and pianists can’t play well if they think too much. The most effective sales calls happen when salespeople loosen up and act naturally and are not tied to a particular script or sales process too rigorously. You need to have a process. But you need to be loose and free to listen and react to what you hear the prospect say. If you are too “tight” (read thinking too much) you will miss opportunities in the conversation to delve into deeper conversation about what matters most to the prospect. A “tight” salesperson is prone to pounce on a problem with a solution rather than ask for further details about how the problem affects the prospect. A “tight” salesperson will work to solve problems as they are presented by the prospect on a sales call rather than probe how the ramifications of the problem are affecting the organization as a whole. So loosen up, have fun, be yourself, listen and respond to what you hear.