More reasons not to sell by email


I keep saying that you can’t sell by email. Hubspot blog has identified 4 reasons why your time may be wasted sending emails to connect with people. These are in addition to my belief that the primary reason is that email is a way for salespeople to avoid the perceived unpleasantness of prospecting. Hubspot gives these reasons:

1) They’re (prospects) relying on email less.

2) They’re using software to route your messages out of their inbox.

3) They use a separate email alias for web forms.

4) They filter messages containing commonly used sales phrases.


Spend your time developing relationships by prospecting and networking and only send emails to people yo have a relationship with and who tell yo that is an acceptable way to communicate. Even then use email sparingly since you can’t find pain in an email chain. This Video will explain in one minute a little more about why that is so. 

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