Raise your expectations

When you raise your expectations … and actually believe it, everything changes and your sales effectiveness will rise in an attempt to meet those expectations. Here is the mechanism. When you believe in your heart that more is possible, your attitude changes and your beliefs about how things work change. Once your belief and expectation change your tonality will change. Think for a moment how your tonality changes when you ask a question expecting to get an answer and when you ask hoping to get an answer. It’s a dramatic difference right? Since around 38% of what you communicate is in the tonality you use, changing your beliefs and hence your tonality will have a major effect on the results you get. In addition, when you believe something will work you attack it with a different attitude and energy which will have a dramatic effect on the results you get. So today’s lesson is raise your expectations and work on your belief that the expectations are valid and your sales will rise to meet those expectations.

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