Speak their Language

Speak in the prospect’s language. No … I don’t mean Spanish or Swahili. I mean use words they understand and examples that make sense to them. It is fatal to talk down to prospects or to talk in a condescending manner. But it is equally ineffective to speak over their heads trying to make what you are saying sound more important. If you take either of these approaches you will find your meetings cut short as the prospect will feel uncomfortable … and they may not even know why they feel that way.
The best approach is to speak at the level of language the prospect uses. This level might be different in the corporate board room than it is on a construction job site. For example, a car enthusiast might understand the phrase “take the software for a test drive” to describe a demo better than he might understand “experiencing the software’s intuitive menu format in a structured test environment”. That would be especially true if the prospect was not a person with an IT background or had no experience in purchasing complex software products.

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