Talk at the Right Level

People at different organizational levels have different concerns and your conversations at each level should be different, even if the product or service is exactly the same. Most executives don’t have time for the details and many worker bees can’t see the big picture. For example, the end user of a software package might be concerned with the ease of use of the system and how it will modify the work flow of his department, whereas, the VP who has to spend the money, might be focused on overall efficiency of the department and reducing headcount. You wouldn’t want to talk about reducing headcount to the end user and the executive might not care about the details of how the system worked. As a side note, you may not need the technical expert when you meet with the vice president, but she may be essential when meeting with the end user of the system or the IT department of the company. It is imperative that the optimal salesperson feel comfortable in both arenas and be aware of the different levels of conversation.