Time Shift

Pay time activities are things like talking to prospects, closing deals, and setting up appointments. If you call in the time zone you live in then any time is usually somewhere between 7:30 AM and 6 PM. Of course, this varies with who you are calling. Admin (non-pay time) activities are things like expense reports, some email actions, proposals (many times, especially low probability proposals), and similar activities. In order to increase your ability to hit your sales targets you should shift as many non-pay time activities to be accomplished outside of the time frame when you can be talking to clients. An added side benefit of this is that you may have more motivation to qualify prospects harder. If you realize that you are going to have to choose between writing a proposal or spending time with your family, you might ask a few more questions and increase your probability of success or decrease them to zero which means you don’t have to write the proposal at all.

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